2018-19 Bjug Harstad Memorial Lecture "Ibsen and Place"

Henrik Ibsen’s plays provide film adapters with canonized stories that have travelled worldwide, world literature, that can be reinterpreted, retold, remediated, and resold.

The most frequently adapted plays are some of the contemporary plays. These are, paradoxically, the plays that represent the greatest challenge to film adapters, since they feature settings that often consist entirely of interiors, depicted in frequent, extensive stage directions. What about the world outside the houses? How many interior plays are there in Ibsen’s oeuvre? How many exterior plays? Combinations? Hybrids? And what happens to Ibsen’s places in film adaptations?

Tuesday, April 2, 2019 at 7:00pm

Nordquist Lecture Hall – Xavier Hall, 201
Pacific Lutheran University - Xavier Hall: 12180 Park Ave S, Parkland , WA 98447

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