Meyerhoff Lecture 2023 - Nazi Ideology and White Supremacy: Historical Precedents and Contexts

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, in partnership with PLU, brings this year's lecture series to the Pacific Lutheran  campus. 

Nazi racial ideology was driven by an obsession with Lebensraum, the “living space” for the German “master race” to be acquired through violent expansion in eastern Europe. The acquisition of this space required layers of genocidal violence to depopulate conquered territories and repopulate them with German settlers. This talk will explore the academic contribution by scholars from the humanities and social sciences who assisted in planning this violent process of colonial expansion. How did scholars justify genocide and violent expansion? What was the afterlife of this complex ideology?

This event is free. 

Registration is required for admittance.

Tuesday, April 4 at 7:00pm to 9:00pm

Anderson University Center, Regency Room - 203
Pacific Lutheran University - Anderson University Center: 12180 Park Ave S, Parkland , WA 98447