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Pacific Lutheran University - Karen Hille Phillips Center: 12180 Park Ave S, Parkland , WA 98447

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Angenette P Call

Angenette P Call left a review 8/6/2019

The peachy blueberry festival was fine this year. The music was fantastic and the ambiance was fun. Substituting peaches for blueberries is fine, but there is no way those were fresh peaches. If one fruit is being subbed for another because they aren't in season anymore or too expensive to get fresh, at least substitute them with a fresh alternative.
It could have just been mine, and if that is the case I apologize. The food is usually so good that the peach quality was surprising. Everyone I was with just ate around them.

Angenette P Call

Angenette P Call left a positive review 7/9/2019

Raspberries were so good this year, and so perfect to top the ice cream. The band was fun. I just wish it was still outside instead of inside.
Thank you!

Angenette P Call

Angenette P Call left a positive review 6/11/2019

The berry festivals are always great. The live music on Red Square is fun and the weather was cooperating.
I feel like even though PLU scones are a perennial favorite, they were a strange choice to pair with strawberries. Still, I enjoyed being out in the sun and eating berries and listening to music. Thank you!

Centennial Red Square

Centennial Red Square posted a photo 12/12/2018